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Le Fleuron du Cuir


La Provence 8/01/2005

Arts and Crafts: opening of a leather and bookbinding workshop

Passion for her craft and her immense talent permit our young artist to put the sparkle back into old and not so old objects (from a book to furniture). In her field she can meet all the demands of her clients.

Le Point 17/01/2003

Virginie and Jean Gallon, leather is under their skin

Jean restores game tables and desk covers, creates or copies minutes boxes, 19th century artists’ portfolios. Virginie, 28 years old, has taken up the torch, and added to it the art of bookbinding.

L’Hebdo 11/10/2002

I have always loved the odor of leather

At the age of 28, Virginie Gallon has decided to create her own leather casing, gilding and bookbinding business. The jury of RegArt invited her to present one of her works in the Popes’ Palace. This work is a box with five drawers, of which each face is dressed in a mock book spine: “the difficulty is in creating something that appears old and has a patina”.

Midi Libre Mars 2001

Virginie Gallon, carrying on a rare and precious craft

6th place nationally in the SEMA examination, selected to compete as best apprentice from the Vaucluse and at the regional level from Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence in the scope of the Rotary Club.., Virginie Gallon is making her place in a world where artists of her calibre are few.

L’Artisan 84 Mars 2001

Virginie Gallon, Regional prize in training

Virginie Gallon, after obtaining in 1997 a Master’s in town and country planning, has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, Jean Gallon, leather gilder, bookbinder in Avignon.
She is preparing for her City and Guilds examination in the craft, with an apprenticeship in the family business and at the vocational training center of the Vaucluse Chamber of Trade.
She presented a game box (backgammon, checkers, chess) to the grand prix of crafts training. The techniques represented are leather casing, bookbinding and leather gilding.

La Provence 13/05/2001

The work of craftspeople brought to light

Each year, the SEMA (Société d’Encouragement aux Métiers d’Art), under the aegis of the Chamber of Trade, awards a prize to the best amongst these professionals.. Virginie Gallon, with her backgammon set cased in leather, achieved first prize…
After receiving a diploma in Geography and a Masters in town and country planning, having always watched here father work in the family’s leather workshop, she finally decided to take over from him.

La Provence 22/10/2000

Leatherworking passed on from father to son

Leatherwork is a savoir -faire that gets passed from generation to generation, seeing that Jean’s grandfather himself took part in an exhibition in the Popes’ Palace in 1902. “We’ve experienced an evolution in leatherworking: my grandfather specialized in making trunks, my father introduced leather casing and desk tops and accessories, me, I added gilding of leather and my daughter has been trained in bookbinding”.

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